Growing up, I hated reading. It was hard for me to get interested in a book, especially when it didn’t have images. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but come on, that’s what all kids do. There was one book series that always kept me engaged despite there being no images throughout the whole novel. Each chapter was mysterious and left me wanting more, and that was The Secret Series.

Inspired by this young adult mystery novel, I choset  to redesign the first three books written by the mysterious author who named themselves Pseudonymous Bosch. Drawn in by the hidden messages and secret elements, I approached my designs with the same kind of mystery, opting for a smoke trail similar to how the characters have to use their five senses to follow the trail of clues and solve the big mystery at the end of each book. The first  book features using your sense of smell, the second book using your sense of hearing, and the third using your sense of taste.

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