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Scott Laserow

Not only is our skin diverse, but so is our hair. Our hair has differnt curl patterns and children are often not educated on how their hair differes from their friends and also the hair care that comes with each texture. This book aims to educate children in a fun and interactive way!

Love Every Texture came from detailed research about different hair curl patterns. There are generally four main types: straight(1A-C), wavy(2A-C), curly (3A-C), and coily(4A-C).

Straight hair is sleek and smooth. Wavy hair is like a gentle wave at the beach, adding a bit of bounce and texture. Curly hair is full of fun, with curls ranging from loose ringlets to tight springs. Coily hair is tightly wound coils that are full of personality and bounce back with energy.

It's important to teach kids about different hair types because it promotes diversity, inclusivity, and empathy. By understanding that people have different hair textures and styles, children learn to appreciate and respect individual differences from a young age. This knowledge can help prevent stereotypes and biases related to hair and appearance as they grow older. Additionally, learning about different hair types can also help children develop a positive self-image and confidence in their own unique traits.


As a huge fan of children’s books, the opportunity to create an interactive children’s book that I could completely illustrate was too good to pass up. Additionally, as an animator, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase my motion graphic skills. To me, this was the ultimate chance to shine as an illustrator on a bigger scale. Creating a book also required a lot of design and publication skills. Knowing page layout and book cover design played a huge role in the outcome of the book. Doing layout sketches gave me the chance to play with the way the text could bounce around the page and be just as energetic as the illustrations.


What sets this book apart and makes it super fun for children is the use of AR (Augmented Reality). By using an app called Artivive, I was able to make the book come to life with animations. Created in After Effects and Procreate, these animations use audio and video elements to enhance the reader's experience. When animating, I aimed for a mix of humor and realistic actions that occur when children get their hair done. I also saw a perfect opportunity to incorporate an element of my personal life, such as combing my hair every morning, and adding fun sound effects.
In addition to AR, this book also includes several physical interactive elements. Products featured in the book are tipped-in and can be removed. Additionally, I included QR codes so that parents can scan them and purchase the products for their children. I wish I had a book like this when I was growing up because it offers a fun way for both children and parents to learn about hair care!

Publishing: Y.O.L.O


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